We love meeting brides and grooms...

We start by hearing your story - how you met, the proposal, and most importantly, what you want your dream wedding to be like.  Everyone has a vision - we help you define yours. We work with you to come up with beautiful and creative ideas to help bring that vision to life.

The next step is that we create an incredible mood board - an inspiration sheet that helps you visualize exactly what your wedding will look like. Many brides feel that this is one of the most unique and helpful things we do because it brings all of your ideas together in one place. You can share it with your other vendors and the people in your wedding and everyone will be working toward the same goal.



We approach each bridal bouquet as a work of art - our ribbon wrapped bouquet handles, jeweled accents, and attention to detail are unique in the industry and are one of the things that our brides really fall in love with.

We approach each bridal bouquet as a work of art

You will have your wedding photos for the rest of your life - make sure that you love the flowers in them as much as your memories of that special day. Contact us to set up your complimentary 45 minute bridal consultation.  We are excited to meet you!

photo credits:  Corbin Gurkin Photography, Josh Stokes.